You Helping You

Photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash

There’s a lot of advice out in the world about what helps with chronic pain, coming from doctors, scientists, researchers, and plenty of folks who are good at making themselves seem more confident and knowledgeable than they actually are.

But about other people who have chronic pain? We asked you what helps you with your chronic pain, and were delighted with the suggestions we got back. Here’s what you and others like you told us:

  • Social Media
    • Twitter: A few useful hashtags that were mentioned: #spoonie, #chronicpain, #fibromyalgia
    • Facebook: here are some pages that might be helpful for you:
      • Attitude of Gratitude With Chronic Pain
      • Chronic Pain Info
      • Counting My Spoons
      • Surviving Chronic Pain
  • Family and friends with pain. No one would wish pain on someone they love, but when you know someone else that’s in pain, it’s nice to have the ear and the advice of someone who understands.
  • Family and friends who are in the medical field. A spouse, a sibling, a cousin – someone who’s in health care and who can let you know the latest in the science.
  • Support and Patient Advocacy Groups
    • US Pain Foundation
    • American Chronic Pain Association
  • Other ideas that some of you mentioned
    • Graded Motor Imagery (GMI)
    • Patient Neuroscience Education (PNE)

Finally, if you’re reading this, then we hope you find our blog, our daily text message, or our weekly email newsletter helpful too!

Is there something we missed? Please tell us about it in the comments.